My musical journey began at the tender age of 12 when the allure of percussion knocked on my door. . I vividly recall the sensation of my first encounter with bongos, guided by my teacher Mauro Maceratesi, who imparted the fundamental techniques.

At the age of 16, under his guidance, I enrolled at the Timba school in Rome to elevate my skills to a superior and professional level. I felt I had found my rightful place. Timba, a specialized institution in the study of modern and ethnic percussion instruments, boasts teachings from distinguished figures in Latin American music in Rome, including Paulo La Rosa, Reynaldo Hernandez, Rei Hadji Mahmadou M’baue, Walter Paiola, and Roberto Evangelisti. It was through the guidance of the latter that I delved into the Afro-Cuban musical realm, specializing in this domain.

In this school, I had the privilege of performing with internationally acclaimed artists, such as the well-known Daisy Villalejo—a solo dancer with the Conjunto Folcklorico National de Cuba, but also a choreographer and a teacher.

Subsequently, to conclude my academic journey, I engaged in a workshop led by Maestro Walter Paiola and Paulo La Rosa.

In 2020, I decided to further explore the musical landscape, succumbing to the appeal of DJ sets. This new challenge not only enriched my artistic experience but also opened doors to fresh creative opportunities.

While my true passion lies in the art of percussion, the magnetic pull of electronic rhythms proved irresistible. Over time, I refined a distinctive fusion of traditional percussion and contemporary electronic beats. Through this union I shaped my personal musical signature, characterized by ethnic and electronic influences, which I proudly exhibit on stage.

My meticulous approach to music selection distinguishes me. Attention to details enables me to create compelling live performances capable of transporting the audience on an exciting musical journey. I am continuously in search of new influences and inspirations to keep my music fresh and innovative.

If you are looking for a musical experience seamlessly melding the tradition of percussion with the modernity of DJ sets, you are in the right place. My music constitutes a captivating blend of ethnic sounds and electronic rhythms, refined with dedication and passion over the years.

Passion, creativity, and innovation represent the foundation of my art, and I look forward to sharing it with you.

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